El Arte de Vivir

Azurita is created in January 2019 in Puerto Montt, by a researcher and artistic creator and a mountain guide. Both join their love for art, culture and nature, projecting a space for relaxation and encounter between diverse world travellers and Latin American artists.

Karin Encina has worked on various research and creative works in the area of dance, dance-theatre and visual arts in collaboration with artists and researchers from different disciplines, some of which have been selected for festivals in Chile and abroad. Mauricio Baigorrotegui has more than 20 years of experience in expeditions in the north and south of Chile, with knowledge in biodiversity, rescue and first aid in remote places, glacier rescue and traverse and superior climbing techniques in unequipped routes in the Escuela Madrileña de Alta Montaña.

Its life mission is to create spaces in harmony with nature, art and local culture that do not damage ecosystems or the natural flows of social and cultural exchange in the territories. To generate greater awareness of how to take care of resources, minimising waste. Resignifying walking as a practice of contemplation, without environmental and cultural impact.

To project the areas of Azurita, the details are significant, from the space, the travellers, the professionals in the residences, the work team, the inhabitants, the suppliers. In order to promote care in all its spheres, environmental care, cultural care, nutritional care, spatial care, social and communicational care.